Recreational vehicles are designed to get the biggest bang for the buck when it comes to space saving design, but what does a weekend camper need to stock the kitchen? Not much space in an RV kitchen, but here are the top ten items—other than serving plates and utensils– no camper should be without.

  1. A good chef’s knife with a sharpening stone. That’s right, one great knife that will be all purpose. The trick is to know how to sharpen a knife and keep it sharp. Knives take little space, so if you are a fisherman, consider a second boning or filet knife.
  2. A vegetable peeler. You can use a chef’s knife, but a good peeler is faster and takes little space.
  3. A non-electric can opener/bottle opener. ‘Nuff said.
  4. A good set of pans including a cast iron Dutch oven and a heavy skillet with a lid.
  5. A deep kettle with a lid. Great for soups, pasta, tossing a salad within– and that all-time summer favorite: sweet corn!
  6. A rectangular, heavy duty pan that can serve as a cobbler, cake or top of the campfire warming pan for keeping pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs warm for a crowd.
  7. A Coleman type of stove for days in which you don’t want to heat up the kitchen or cook over an open fire.
  8. A drawer dedicated to prepping and storing food, stocked with heavy duty aluminum foil, a small cutting board, Zip-lock bags, plastic storage containers, rubber gloves, anti-bacterial dishwashing soap, garbage bags and paper towels.
  9. Over the fire tongs, spatula, pot holders and trivets to set on a picnic table.
  10. A corkscrew. Need I say more??

If you are camping at a park like ours, there’s always a counter store where you’ll find paper goods and last minute items for particular meals.

When the berries are ripe at the local pick-and-pay fruit farms, we sell lots of deep dish aluminum pans because nothing beats fresh cobbler cooked over an open wood fire.  Clean up is easier when you can toss the pan into the trash!

We used to sell plastic picnic table covers, but now we often see resourceful campers use the day’s newspaper to do the same job.

Resourceful campers—now that’s a topic worth an entire blog of its own. Coming right up!!

Happy camping,