Campers, you win!

It has taken me close to three years to get back in the habit, but like most things we do at Lock 30 Woodlands, you, our guest, drives policy.

Here’s what you have been saying:
“We miss the blog. We want to know Lock 30 Woodlands ‘stories’ and the ‘adventures’ seasoned with a dash of camping hints and local lore.”
” I used to count on ‘Poking the Campfire’ to be there with my cup of coffee. So, where have you been?”
“Didn’t I read your blog on the Woodall’s site?”

If you are looking for a good excuse as to why I stopped, you won’t find it here.

One day I got busy with a campground weed problem. (The kind that grows in the soil, not what you roll in the papers.) The next day I had staff /hiring interviews. Then I was running to Costco to buy supplies. Then it was the pool…

Eventually I broke the habit of blogging until manager, Lisa Webb, gave me a rather swift kick in the pants.

So–I’m ba-a-a-ack. Asking for a second chance.

I know better than to promise a daily diary on Poking the Campfire because of these reasons:
1. Blogspot won’t open the door because frankly, I lost the password.
2. When I tried to reach the former employee who set up the blog, I couldn’t find her.
3. Here is where the story gets good:  I lied to Blogspot. I told them that the person with the password died.
4. Blogspot apparently has no telephone. Instead, they sent me an email saying that I needed a death certificate and a court order to get the password.”  (MY password. My writing. My blog.)
5.  I am not dead-yet. Might be tough to get a court order to say otherwise. Unless, of course, I send them a recent photo.

Now I’ve created a new blog called, “Poking Around the Campfire.” Adding the word “around” is the same 4th grade tactic I used when I was kicking the desk in front of me, hoping my homework would just materialize.

But guess what? When I created the “new” blog, simply by adding the word “around”–Blogspot let me in!

I may be a techtard, but I don’t give up easily. You, our guests, are asking for a blog. I am here to deliver.

If you are among the campers who want to read more “around the campfire recipes” drop me a note. If you want to know why campground owners seldom have time to actually poke the campfire, I’ll share why. If you have a general camping question about the camping industry, I’ll research it and get back to you. I’m still teaching at the National School for Campground Management, where I learn something at every session.

Until I relearn the posting ropes  🙂