We all do it.
We have a special memory that marks an event. So we try it a second time, because it was so much fun.
Occasionally we get a repeat performance, but often there’s no match to that special celebration at the
campground. Here are a few moments to remember folks like you still talk about.

1. The Ultimate Pig Roast Potluck.
Not sure if it was the aroma of a pig on a spit—some ten years ago—or if the cards all just fell into place,
but the day was magic with nearly every seasonal in attendance. First we ran out of picnic tables and
moved a half dozen more to the pool area. Remember the special “flag” sheet cake made with
blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream that nearly started a riot, because we didn’t have the
recipe? The event went late into the evening, so headlights were pointed to the crowd, despite the
impromptu bonfire ignited by diesel fuel!

2. Dogs on Parade—Labor Day 2015.
It wasn’t a parade in the typical fashion, but the fifteen or so families had their canines “strut their
stuff”, showing off all their tricks and winning ribbons for categories the American Kennel Club must
have missed. Who were the real judges? The crowd of course. Are we doing it again? You bet. This one
was a personal favorite.

3. Haunted Hay Wagon
All credit goes to the Stoffel family on site #1. John and Judy Stoffel took the lead and we provided the
hay wagon. Eerie screams recorded over a sound track scared most of the full house campground that
Halloween weekend. But that wasn’t the craziest part. We took the hay wagon down the hill to the
river’s edge, where there were no lights under a moonless sky. Now that’s scary. Real animals, not
costumed critters, made this an evening we won’t soon forget.

4. Canjo?
Yep—it’s like a banjo, but made from old soup cans. Campers purchased kits from two locals who taught
them how to build their own string instruments. What did the canjo craftsmen do? They entertained
campers with a stellar, round the campfire performance. If you missed it last year, we’re doing it again in
a couple months. See this year’s event schedule.

5. The Myths and Legends of Beaver Creek
Three years ago Halloween weekend campers heard haunting tales from a professional storyteller as she
recounted the legend of Gretchen’s Lock around the campfire in front of the gatehouse. The myths of
Columbiana County and other creepy accounts of local lore kept the circle of listeners scared on the
edge of their log seats!

6. Kids Petting Zoo
Lock 30 Woodlands threw open its doors to Lisbon residents for pony rides, feed the farm animals and
pose next to baby pigs for in the mud photos! It was held as part of the “Schools Out this Weekend”
event, marking the end of an extended school year, (thanks to heavy snows that winter.) It was a small,
but enthusiastic crowd—especially the grandparents capturing toddler excitement on their cameras.

7. Campground‐Wide Yard Sale
This crowd pleaser went on for four consecutive summers until either the novelty wore off or our
garages and basements were sufficiently stripped of white elephants. It was more like a trading of things
no longer useful, but at its height, every table in the pavilion was covered with relics from campers. It
was our own mini Rogers flea market, where the coffee and tales flowed freely. All of us walked away
with a few extra bucks and more of the stuff we were trying to shed in the first place!
8. Mothers Day Coffee, Pampering and Herb Workshop
Dads, this one was created by a creative mother who understood that moms want time away from the
daily grind for pampering and learning. Vendors gave demos on make‐up, health, and nutrition.
Massages and pedicures were booked on the spot. A fireplace chat about growing herbs ended with an
herb give‐away drawing for a couple of lucky moms.

9. Spaghetti and Salad/ Huck Finn Day
Huck Finn never worked so hard or ate so well. Returning seasonal campers had a “Pick up all the fire
wood you can and clean up your campsite” Saturday. We handed out rakes, brooms, leaf blowers and
trash bags. The campers got a good month’s supply of free firewood. The crew of thirty or so extended
stay campers gathered in the clubhouse Saturday night for spaghetti, garlic bread, salad and wine. A bit
of a cooking challenge emptying pots of boiling water down the clubhouse sink, but we kept them eating
and drinking! The 2016 version: Lasagna. Happening the last Saturday of the month on April 30th.

10. Bocce, anyone?
This day was entirely initiated by a camping group of young 20 somethings, eager to show their skill on
the bocce court. An elimination round tournament started mid‐morning and went on until
dark—interrupted by our traditional fire truck ride, lunch and beer breaks‐‐ of course. The winning team
of bocce players got a free night’s camping. We learned that we needed a lit bocce court that
weekend—so a month or so later, lights were installed and lavender was planted to draw more players
to our tournament grade court. It’s time we repeat this fun day. Interested in the game that can be
played by kids of all ages? Get a bocce group together and we’ll discount your stay!

Karen Brucoli Anesi