In the other part of my life—when I am not doing Lock 30 Woodlands’ responsibilities—I am frequently
writing about food. I’ve been doing this for almost three decades now and I can honestly say that writing
about food never gets old, even when you write for a daily newspaper.

Eating is entertainment for most of us. I’ll spare you a rant about why this is either good or bad and
simply say that when we decided to hold a “slow cooker event weekend”, Saturday, June 4. I was
more than curious about how this would play out for our guests.

I can’t imagine an RV that doesn’t have a slow cooker in one of its limited kitchen cupboards. Where
space is tight, a slow cooker rates right up there with a corkscrew. Or maybe a can opener.
I’d say, don’t leave home with it.

I don’t know how many kWh a slow cooker draws when potatoes are “baking” all night, but it sure
makes sense to be able to dice a few soft potatoes when you are frying eggs in the morning. Even better
are the many soup and stew, layered lasagna or dessert recipes that keep cooking simple, when time is

I’m a regular Internet recipe surfer, but I have to admit, I think about using my Crockpot mostly when I
want comfort food with little clean up. I use the old stand by favorite recipes for soups or stews,
converting them to a slow cooker only when I want freedom from the kitchen. Back in the day when I
would be off skiing, my family could count on a meal of New Mexico style Chili Verde. Now I plug in the
Crockpot when I do not want to clean a grill outdoors. I’d think anyone in an RV would do the same on
one of these muggy, August weekends to keep their kitchen spaces cool.

I just saw a recipe for a slow cooker pizza that called for refrigerator roll dough in a can. Pass.
It’s possible to make a Chicago style pizza in a slow cooker, but how little work is it to knead a yeast
dough that is certain to taste far better than anything preserved in a can? I think when I’m feeling more
adventuresome, I’ll give this a try. The recipe says the pizza is done when the dough starts pulling away
from the sides of the slow cooker. Have to remember to grease the bottom of the Crockpot really well.
Our slower cooker weekend will likely include a potluck and a few surprises for winning recipes. We
hope you’ll attend. Since this is our first, how about dropping us a note on Facebook with your best slow
cooker suggestion or recipe? Campers, should we put together a list of recipes for campers who

Or—is there a theme you’d like us to build into this weekend? Best use of pork, or garden vegetables, or
Italian food for example?

Write to us with your ideas. We’ll enter your name in a drawing for a free night’s stay.

Karen Brucoli Anesi