It wasn’t that long ago that we used to hear tightwads crack that they had gone “glamping” at a Motel
Six. The “We’ll leave the lights on for you” motel offered all the electric they needed, comfortable
quarters and quick in and out access at an affordable price.

Yes, they had all those things, but were they able to build a campfire in their hotel room? Or could they
catch fireflies in a Mason jar after sharing hot dogs with the people next door?

No, there’s no comparison. Yet when folks balk at camping prices, motels are among the typical lodging
quarters that they reference.

Like comparing apples to oranges, both have their plusses. I wouldn’t want to eliminate either from my

But there is a real definition to glamping. Ohio Magazine pointed to Lock 30 Woodlands as the place to
go in northeastern Ohio for a boutique taste of outdoor beauty with facilities to match. We’re proud of
that. The Youngstown Vindicator gave us equally high marks. But what is glamping and why does it
remain popular, especially to first‐ time campers?

The quick answer is this. It matters not what you’re camping in, but shade, electric, water, picnic table,
fire ring and plenty of elbow room make tent camping that much more convenient. Face it. It’s easier to
wash dishes at your own site, rather than drag a dishpan to a central location.

Water and electric sites are the norm at Lock 30 Woodlands. We know you’ll want and need it, so every
site offers up to 50 amp electric, more than enough to run heaters, air conditioners and more. Our
pavilion has a commercial size grill. Our clubhouse is carpeted with floor to wall bookcases and an
overstuffed sofa, where you can read while doing your laundry. That is if you are not dropping quarters
into the game room at the opposite end of the clubhouse.

We have no bare bones cabins, but our furnished condos are complete to the stemware with Direct TV,
decks, and fully stocked kitchens. No yurts, yet—but maybe it’s time we erect a couple and see who
might use them.

Some say this isn’t camping at all, but there’s a wide range of definitions for camping. Glamping is just
one of them. We have a variety of accommodations at Lock 30 Woodlands. Drop by and take a tour. We
suspect there’s something that exactly fits your needs.

Karen Brucoli Anesi