There’s a reason I answer the phone frequently. I want to hear directly from our campers.Here’s what
they have taught me:
* Amenities at the campground are nice, but the RV site—my RV site‐‐ is what’s most important,
campers remind me.
* I’d rather make my own bad choices than have someone make them for me. Give me some
choices, campers say.
* I like when others follow the rules, but I want to be forgiven if I slip up occasionally. Like right
* I might forget what you said to me and what you did for me, but I’ll never forget how you made
me feel.
I’d say these are the top four observations about our guests, many of whom are similar to the guests
you might invite to your home.

When I train front desk help, I emphasize these four observations. No matter if the guest is staying for a
night or for a month, if their physical needs are not met at their site—or if their family is uncomfortable,
nothing makes up for that.

We encourage campers to visit the park and to check us out any time during daylight hours. We’ll give
you a code to get through our front gate. Look around. Talk to campers. Ask questions. Seeing is
believing. Our most frequent comment regarding the website is that it looks exactly like the
campground, no matter what time of year you chose to camp.

We cater to groups—when we have the space to accommodate them. The group leader who books
three or more sites often has to make decisions for others. It’s like rounding up cats getting folks to
commit—so we try to make it as easy as possible for groups to book sites with us by having them read
what others have to say about us and by fully disclosing their needs early in the booking process. We
know things change, so no matter what is represented in the reservation requests, camping costs are
based on the number of campers who actually check in. We’ll email camper guidelines to your group
leader and ask that they get distributed so every member of the group knows the ropes—from check‐in
to check‐out.

We have an online reservation request system. It does this:
* Allows the camper to indicate dates, numbers of persons camping and the specifics of their
camper, including its length or number of slides.
* Provides a way for us to return a call to the prospective camper to answer questions before any
money is spent for a deposit.
* Allows names of multiple parties to be listed together so that we can place them in adjacent
sites when requested.
* Decreases the likelihood of reservation errors because it comes directly from you to two of us.
* Gives us the opportunity to check your camping history.
* Allow us to send a confirmation once your deposit check is received.
The online system does NOT do the following:
* Tell you what sites are available for the time you have requested.
* Accept credit card payments online.
* Lock you into a location that won’t work for you.

Our job is to get back to you within 24 hours of when you contact us. Usually it is within the
hour—especially given the system’s capability of forwarding your request to two places. The more you
tell us about your wants and needs, the closer we can come to giving you what you want.
What if you’ve never camped with us before?

What’s important to you? If you generally want to be tucked in a corner away from the action where
your dog can snooze by the campfire, say that. If you want a site close to the pool, tell us. We’re pretty
good at matching up what you want and what we likely have.

We can’t guarantee that we’ll pick exactly the site you would have, but we can guarantee this much: If
you are a first time camper who has paid a deposit on a site, arrive early in the day—say between 3 and
5. We’ll let you choose from any available site upon check‐in.

Our job is to make your stay the best it can be. Every stay, every day and in every way.
Once you are with us, take the time to really walk through the park and note the differences between
sites. Mark these on your map and request them the next time you camp with us.

We are not a cookie cutter operation. Our guests love that. While every site is FHU, shady and with
picnic table and fire ring, some have concrete pads and others are grass or pine tree covered. It’s up to
you to decide what works best for your family.

Holiday weekends do not offer as much possibility of shuffling the deck after arrival, so it benefits all of
us when you check us out early and often.

Lock 30 Woodlands is a first come first serve kind of place. Campers may reserve up to a year ahead, but
unless we have received deposits, holiday sites are considered open until guaranteed. That means you
might get exactly what you want one week before check‐in, because deposits not received within five
business days are subject to cancellation. We have turned too many folks away thinking that a site has
been spoken for only to learn the opposite too late to please the camper waiting in line.

Finally, if you are not satisfied with your site for any reason, let us know as soon as you check in, so we
can do something about it. We’re here for you.

Karen Brucoli Anesi