Reservation Request

Reservation Request

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Name of Head of Household or Group Leader (Person Responsible for Payment)*

Unless you will be paying all costs associated with additional sites, please ask each head of household to complete its own family reservation. We will place you side by side if requested. List the party you’d like to be near.



Arrival Date*

Departure Date*

Be aware that all camping stays of four days or more pay metered electric.

The number in Party*

Number of Camp Sites Reserved*

Number Adults*

Names of Adults*

Number of Children*

Names & Ages of Children*

One family per campsite max number of people: 6


Camping with multiple families? If you want side by side or clustered sites, parties responsible for payment must complete ONE request per camping unit. Indicate in the notes section the last name of the other family camping near you.



Group Reservation Details:

For each camp site reserved, we need to know the number of occupants.

RV Year, Make, Type, Size and Notes Regarding Payment:*


Number of slides on RV*


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Pre-order firewood at $25.00 per load?



Reservations will not be refunded.

  1. Deposits will be forfeited after the site is reserved and cancellation is received.
  2. While we fully understand that “life happens”–we do not have the resources to issue guarantees to you without us being guaranteed the site will be used.

**Upon arrival, campers will pay their balance by cash, credit card or check.**

I have read and understood the cancellation policy. Initial here.*

This is a reservation request. This does not guarantee you a reservation. We will contact you by phone and email within 24-36 hours upon receiving your request with availability. You are then required to pay the first-night stay amount unless it is a Holiday reservation that requires a minimum 3-night stay and must be paid in full, in the form of check or credit card to confirm your reservation. If this is a group reservation please provide details in the “Group Details” box, such as other parties names and the number of sites needed.

I authorize Lock 30 Woodlands to charge my credit card for unpaid campers, visitors and any unpaid electric charges acquired by me. Initial here.*

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